Discover the simple truth in your own Bible. Finally, understand the whole Bible from beginning to end. See the chronology which God placed in the entire Bible. Clearly comprehend the full scope of the Bible's message. Discover who is in control. How did the universe begin? Will the universe ever end? 

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The Bible is a unified message from God. It’s a message which is easy to understand and God wants you to understand it.

Do NOT Ignore Bible Chronology!

The Bible

BibleCite is a website dedicated to the fact that the Bible is God's word. Many people today try to twist simple Bible statements into something that better suits them. However, God's word cannot be improved. It means what it says. Read the books posted here and your eyes will be opened to the harmony in all of God's word.

Some people are shocked to find out that such harmony exists. They have for too long skipped over the parts that didn't fit. They have added ideas that force the Bible into the limitations of their modern beliefs. However, God does not allow such modern edits of the Bible. The truth written long ago is still valid. God has not changed.

The books posted here add nothing and remove nothing from the Bible. They simply point out the harmony that has always been in God's word.

If you are interested in Bible chronology, creation, Bible history, Noah's flood, end-time events, and the Millennium, you need to read these books. May God bless your search for the truth.

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The Bible makes sense.

The Bible has a date in it! The third chapter of Luke states, "Now in the fifteenth year of the reign of Tiberius Caesar..." That year is a known, historical date. That same chapter in Luke states something extremely important and remarkable happened in that year: the Messiah was anointed! Think of it. That event has an undisputed date. That event's chronological relationship to other events in the Bible can be used to date other events in the Bible.

​The Bible has a clear chronology, and it's there for a purpose. 

Allow God’s word to burn “like as a fire” in your heart.
(Jeremiah 23:29)

Citing the BIBLE as God's WORD


Get a free SET of color charts for the Bible's timeline of Earth's history! See the full context for common historical events. For each event, the supporting Bible verses are provided. DOWNLOAD IT NOW!  

Watch this video! It gives the background and a synopsis  for the book REST UNTO THE LAND.

REST UNTO THE LAND cites the Bible as God’s Word. With that starting point, it navigates from Genesis to the Gospels and uncovers a remarkably coherent timeline. This timeline puts Earth's history into a clear framework. Discover the logic that God put in His Word. Read REST UNTO THE LAND.

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Citing the BIBLE as God's WORD