Citing the BIBLE as GOD's WORD



From the final chapter of the book Fulfilled In Their Season:


When the eternal star descends,

Reality meets shadowed Earth.

This day, the last meeting place ends,

As Jesus divides death and birth.


The masses of evil lurching

Dare not meet His eyes searching.

Groping in their brilliant demise

The star fades in their dying eyes

For they are hollow men on hollow feet

Of dried straw burned complete.


For those who desire His Lordship,

Life’s finally fully alive.

What a wondrous day to survive!

This is the way the good begins.

This is the way the good begins

For an Earth of shadows cleansed:

Not with whimpers but with worship.

Joseph Nathan Smith





The atheist sighs, “Where is a god that I can see?

one that always agrees with me.”

The pantheist plies, “How can all not clearly see

the lifeless god I made for me?”

The deist decries, “I see tracks from some thing godly;

but why has it deserted me?”


If the universe had no life, I might agree

with any or one of these inquisitive three.

But, we cannot ignore our own reality.

Without question we are alive, and that’s the key.

Because we can pose questions, the question must be,

“Wherefore came the likes of you and me?”

Joseph Nathan Smith 


Think It Through


You are a good Presbyterian.

John Calvin started the Presbyterian Church.

Who is the anti-christ?

According to John Calvin, the anti-christ is the papacy.


You are a good Methodist.

John Wesley started the Methodist Church.

Who is the anti-christ?

According to John Wesley, the anti-christ is the papacy.


You are a good Lutheran.

Martin Luther started the Lutheran Church.

Who is the anti-christ?

According to Martin Luther, the anti-christ is the papacy.


You were baptized by sprinkling.

Jesus was baptized by immersion.

The Pope says: baptize by sprinkling.


You go to church on Sunday.

Jesus went to church on Saturday, the Sabbath.

The Pope says: go to church on Sunday.


You eat unclean food.

Jesus never ate unclean food.

The Pope says: eat unclean food.


The Bible says the anti-christ will deceive the world.

The Bible says those who follow Jesus will not be deceived.

You are a good Christian.


Now, think it through.


Joseph Nathan Smith




God Fire


You measured the universe before the first flash of light;

And since, Your breath has stoked the red glow of every ember.

From Your hand pulses the energy that makes stars burn white;

And every snowflake that has ever been, You remember.


The first human breath was first created within Your chest;

And a tear fell when that same breath was used to curse Your name.

Yet Your patience and mercy have taught the worst and the best:

While still a single human breath is warm, Your love remains.


But those bent on rebellion must their penalty pay;

And though You are their only hope, it’s You their tongue derides.

At the time appointed evil must meet its final day;

But for Your people with eternal hope, Your hand provides.


As Your destroying brightness approaches the sin-stained Earth,

It and all the evil in it become a flaming pyre.

But for those who accept Your hand, the flames provide new birth.

And thus evil vanishes, as snowflakes falling in fire.


Joseph Nathan Smith




There is a Place


There is a place

Of blissful wonders and dream mists,

Of soft crystal waters light-kissed,

And trees, green trees fruit-laced.


This is the place

Of ancient days and endless years,

Of trusting eyes unknown to tears,

And loving, unfeigned grace.


This is that place

Where lives true pleasure and laughter,

Your real “happy ever-after”

And eternal embrace.


Get to this place.

Fight rightly against the false throng,

For it’s where you in peace belong.

It’s your home; it’s your place.


Yet, take good care.

You can’t go or find it alone.

But one fateful day Jesus will come

And truly take you there.


Joseph Nathan Smith


Of Course


Do you think God Exists?


If you had all the ingredients, could you make an orange?

Take some good dirt and a bag of Miracle Grow.

With these materials construct an orange.

It is possible to do it, you know.

An orange tree does it.

Of course.


Do you think one day a computer could be made

That works exactly like the human brain?

And fits into the size of a human skull?

Do you think it could ever happen?

One’s in your head right now.

Of course.


Do you think one day a jet plane could be made

That’s able to accelerate and stop instantly,

Land on any surface, even upside down,

and be as small as a green pea?

A fly does these things.

Of course.



Do you think one day a robot could be made

That works exactly like a living person?

A mechanism that’s just like you?

Could such a thing ever be done?

Your mother already did it.

Of course.


If children were told that all things evolved,

Would they believe evolution made a TV?

Orange trees, brains, flies, and people

Are harder to make than a TV.

Evolution is a hard idea.

Of course.


Do you think God exists?

Of course.


Joseph Nathan Smith

The Swing by the Lake

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