According to Bible Chronology: Abraham was born exactly 2,000 years after Adam first sinned!

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How will the Hebrew Feasts be fulfilled?

​The answers are in the book FULFILLED IN THEIR SEASON. The spring feasts have been fulfilled. Pentecost has been fulfilled. Discover from the Bible exactly how the Fall Feasts will be fulfilled.

Does radiometric dating show the age of the Earth?

​The book ALL THINGS CONTINUE compares physics and the Bible.

Did Jesus Drink Alcohol?

​The book GOOD FOR FOOD has the answer!! Jesus demonstrates the proper response to drugs.

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Get grounded in the Bible.

Test events and theories by solid Biblical principles.

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​​Read REST UNTO THE LAND and learn what BIBLE CHRONOLOGY is and why you need to understand it. Have you ever wondered why the Bible has so many references to days, weeks, months and years?  REST UNTO THE LAND answers these questions. Have you ever wondered why the Bible is not in chronological order? Did you know the Bible has real dates in it? 

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Get the book REASON OF THE HOPE. It answers the Bible challenge: Be ready to provide the reason of the hope which is in your heart. As with other books on this site, it is thought provoking and inspirational. Here's an excerpt: "Creation must be viewed from God’s perspective not humanity’s. Carl Sagan was famous for his view that the Earth was a small, insignificant speck in the universe, and he applied that insignificance to the entire universe. Carl Sagan often stressed that the Earth was not the center of the universe. He was correct because God is the center of the universe. However, he was wrong to apply his experiences and prejudices as universal laws. Such assumptions place humanity, or at the very least Carl Sagan, at the center of the universe. Contrary to such convenient assumptions, what humanity observes cannot automatically be extended to the entire universe. Humanity is locked in a prison and will not be able to observe the rest of creation beyond the prison walls until God allows it."

"The Time Appointed"
lesson series.
It's a 7 cycle series which teaches Bible principles.
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The Time Appointed 

to start the journey.

How should a Pastor be selected?

​The book  HE GAVE SOME TO BE PASTORS  provides clear Biblical direction for God's Church.

Can Earth's entire population be descended from Noah?

​The book THE GENERATIONS OF NOAH gives the proof.

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Citing the BIBLE as God's WORD


What is the Millennial Sabbath?

​​Read REST UNTO THE LAND and learn the scope of God's plan for the Earth. REST UNTO THE LAND integrates Bible history and end time events. It unveils the coherence and the common sense of Bible chronology and provides real evidence that the Bible is God's word. It puts all the pieces together into a clear, complete, and consistently beautiful picture. Read REST UNTO THE LAND and discover a new appreciation  of Bible truth.

Who is the Antichrist?

​Read the book TRY THE SPIRITS. Is the antichrist a man? Can he be identified? Discover the antichrist.  

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What is the Beast?

​Read the book TRY THE SPIRITS. Find out the mysteries of the Beast and its many heads. Know the mark of the Beast. In these times, you need this information!