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Know  why  the Bible has exactly 6,000 years!

Did you know that Noah's flood happened in the year 2319BC?

The Exodus happened in the year 1462BC.

Paul was converted in the year 34AD.

​These dates are in the Bible. Checkout the book REST UNTO THE LAND!!!


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  • Introduction1:13
  • Preface2:13
  • Chapter 1 - A Year of Rest9:15
  • Chapter 2 - Cursed Is the Ground6:26
  • Chapter 3 - Seventy Years12:19
  • Chapter 4 - The Thousand Years6:01
  • Chapter 5 - Six Thousand Years3:55
  • Chapter 6 - Declaring the End From the Beginning26:05
  • Chapter 7 - At the Time Appointed2:31


  • Introduction0:32
  • Preface6:12
  • Chapter 1 - The Gift of Christ16:29
  • Chapter 2 - Male and Female Created He Them10:20
  • Chapter 3 - Subject Unto Christ 20:00
  • Chapter 4 - The Whole Family in Heaven and Earth24:48
  • Chapter 5 - To Do What I Will With Mine Own5:32
  • Chapter 6 - The Husband of One Wife12:02
  • Chapter 7 - The Priest's Office26:29
  • Chapter 8 - Holy Women15:35
  • Chapter 9 - One Body In Christ7:12
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The above table is from chapter 7, page 71, of the book REST UNTO THE LAND. It shows the unbroken sequence of events from the creation of Adam (at the top) to the end of the age of Abraham in 34AD (at the bottom). All the events and their years of duration are detailed in the Bible. Each event has its Biblical reference to the left.

Read or listen to the book: Rest Unto The Land. You will be amazed!

​Many people believe the Bible chronicles about 6,000 years from Adam to the Millennium. This book singularly and uniquely shows in the Bible the years from Adam's sin to the Millenium is exactly 6,000 years.

You need this information

According to Bible Chronology: Abraham was born exactly 2,000 years after Adam first sinned!


Citing the BIBLE as God's WORD

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