Have you told people that History was one of your favorite subjects in school or know someone that did? Have you ever wanted to know Ancient World History better? Ever heard of the Akkadian Empire? The informative book Chronicles of Kings has just been released and it makes a great gift to history buffs, including yourself.

Chronicles of Kings compares secular history and Biblical history and discusses the differences. Secular ancient history relies on the abundance of archeological evidence to form its narrative. Secular history recounts how Sargon the Great built his capital city of Akkad and established the world’s first empire, the Akkadian Empire. The Bible recounts how Nimrod built the cities of his empire after Noah’s flood. Could these events be related? Find out now. Get the fascinating analysis in Chronicles of Kings


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According to Bible Chronology: Abraham was born exactly 2,000 years after Adam first sinned!

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Finally, understand ancient history and Bible chronology. Get the real story. Find out exactly what happened after Noah's flood. How did civilization begin? Who started it? Want to know about the city of Akkad? Get the answers! Read the informative book Chronicles of Kings.  It's easy to read and gets right to the point. 

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